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5 Color 15 Tray Starter Pack

5 Color 15 Tray Starter Pack


15 pack of specimen trays, 3 trays of each red. orange, green, purple, grey.


Note: The delivered product may have slight appearance differences due to printing and manufacturing variation.

Color: White

    Each tray is constructed of high quality, dense closed cell foam, providing a flexible, non-breakable tray that can accomodate up to 4 specimen bottles, 8 cassettes (2 per specimen) and the specimen related paperwork.
    The top surface provides a color coded, smooth, water resistant covering.


    See our separate page for our return and refund policy. 


    Shipping will be added to your order at checkout.  Shipping cost is dependent on the number of trays ordered and your shipping address.  We look to provide the most cost effective manner for shipping.

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