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Gross Room Errors

Your Patients is the Focus

Gross Room Errors are not just about specimens...they are about PATIENTS

Each day across the US, it's estimated there are 80 identification errors, based on estimated patient specimen volumes and incidence rates compiled by the College of American Pathologists' Q-Probe studies. This is almost 30,000 identification errors each year.  Considering that when the mix-up error occurs between different patients, this represents nearly 60,000 patients each year that are delivered an incorrect diagnosis because of labeling errors.  And the impact is personal, each one dramatically affecting that patient and their family.  Each error is personal.

While many of these errors are caught and corrected, not all are, and the level of time, money and aggravation/stress on the provider is enormous. The negative emotional distress placed on each laboratory professional with each error contributes to employee fatigue, stress and burnout. 


The ability for a laboratory to reduce these errors can provide significant benefits to the laboratory and its professional staff. 

When you take into consideration the impact each and every error on the patient and the laboratory staff, shouldn't it be a high priority to take action to reduce this error?  Especially now that the simple, easy to use and inexpensive Safety-Spec Gross Room Tray™ is available to help reduce the incidence of such errors? 

It's important to remember that each error impacts real patients...real people.

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