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We Created a SIMPLE Solution 

SIMPLE solution for this real problems

Every laboratorian knows that the highest risk for specimen mis-identification occurs when there is a transfer of a specimen from one container to another.  With each transfer there is potential for a specimen to become misidentified...resulting in a serious medical error.

In the gross room, this step of specimen transfer occurs with each and every specimen.  Despite this obvious high risk potential, nothing, yes nothing, has been done to help reduce the potential for errors at this step. 

In most laboratories, the retention of a neat, organized handling of specimens is simply missing.  The potential for cross identification of specimens from an individual patient as well as the mixing of identification between different patients remains high.  This is true even when using organization aids such as cups, boxes or even computerization. 

The Safety-Spec Gross Room Tray™ is the first and only laboratory tool that is specifically designed to help keep the various elements of your gross room queue organized, efficient and safer.  The tray maintains organization of the patient's specimen(s), the tissue processing cassettes and all paperwork.  No longer is your gross room queue a mess of folded papers with loose specimen jars and cassettes. No longer is your gross room queue a breeding ground for identification errors.  All while improving efficiency and reducing the potential for identification error related medical malpractice suits.


The Safety-Spec Gross Room Tray™ is uniquely positioned as an essential tool to help reduce patient identification errors, improve efficiency and thereby help reduce gross room staff stress and burnout, all while helping reduce the potential for malpractice events.

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