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The Safety-Spec Gross Room Tray(TM) and other Safety-Spec(TM) products are provided for use "as-is".  While we strongly believe that this product can assist laboratories in the reduction of labeling and specimen transfer errors, we cannot guarantee that they will reduce or eliminate errors in your laboratory. We cannot guarantee how this product will be used in your laboratory facility.

You alone are responsible for the use (or misuse) of this product in your error reduction activities.  Safety-Spec(TM), LLC and it's owners provide NO warranty, explicit, written or implied as to the suitability of this product for your laboratory; You alone are responsible for its use and any and all errors in your laboratory, regardless if they are made using, or not using any of these products. 

You alone are fully responsible for any and all damages, errors, or any untoward effects which may be directly or indirectly related to the use or presence of this product in your laboratory, including, but not limited to, legal judgements.


We are happy to provide quotes for bulk purchases. Please contact Safety-Spec(TM) for additional information using our contact page information. Bulk and wholesale orders are "final sales" and returns are not permitted.


All sales are prepaid and must be made in USD. Credit payments (Credit cards; paypal, etc.) will have a 5% surcharge for credit charges. Checks and Money Orders accepted without surcharge.


If you have a question regarding international purchase of these products, please send your inquiry to  Provide detailed description of your question, your contact information and location.  We will return your answer as soon as possible. 

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