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Simpler & Safer Gross Room

Say Hello to an Easy, Intuitive, Effective and Simple Solution

In this day and age, there is a natural tendency to look for complicated solutions that rely heavily on technology.  Complex procedures. Computerization. And expensive special equipment.  But that isn't always the best solution. 

Easy is better. Intuitive is better.  Simplicity is better.

Say Hello to a simpler and easier way to organize your gross room specimen queue.

The world of laboratory medicine has changed. Specimen volume and complexity has increased.  Work flow is more complicated.  Why accept complex solutions that complicate your life when there is an easy, intuitive and effective SIMPLE solution to help you organize pre-grossing specimen handling? 

  • Simple and Intuitive

  • Easy and fast to implement

  • No computer or interfaces needed.

  • No special hardware or software.

  • No electricity needed. 

Life doesn't need to be difficult or confusing.   Simple and far better.

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