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Frequently Ask Questions

  • How Do I Use The Tray?
    The simple easy to use design is really self-explanatory, however here is a brief summary of the trays use. Upon receipt of a patient's specimen set in the laboratory, The specimens are checked and matched against the submission form As the specimens are accessioned and cassettes are made, they are inserted into the gross room tray, in rows, keeping each specimen part organized with it's respective cassette Once the specimens are all accounted for, accessioned and placed into the tray, the paperwork is folded (once) and inserted into the rear slot. The tray, now with the organized specimen jars, cassettes and paperwork and placed into the specimen counter / queue for grossing. The Gross Room Tray (TM) can accept up to 4 patient specimens, each with 2 cassettes. If there are more specimens, simply use a second tray to organize the additional specimens.
  • Can I Use Multiple Patients in a Single Tray?
    While you can put multiple patients in a tray, it is highly discouraged as it circumvents one of the main patient safety elements of the tray. For that reason, we recommend that only one patient's specimen(s) be put into a tray at a time.
  • How Can I Use The Different Color Trays?
    The various colors on the trays can be used in a variety of ways to enhance patient safety. First, we recommend that various colors be used for specific specimen types (i.e. Yellow: Urology; Red: Breast, Cervix, etc.; Blue:Prostate; Purple: GI; White:Misc). Using a color scheme such as this, back-to-back specimens of the same time can be rapidly identified at the gross table queue. By helping prevent this, undetected specimen to specimen contamination (i.e. floaters from forceps, etc.) of the same type can be reduced. Colors can also be used for specimen management, such as using different colors for various department sources (FNA clinic; OR; or hospital/clinic locations). In short, you can use these colors in any organizational manner that you find is most beneficial for your specific laboratory needs.
  • Can I Wash, Disinfect, Autoclave The Trays?"
    The Gross Room Trays (TM) are made of dense closed cell foam and are generally water and formalin resistant. Minor spills can be easily wiped clean with a gentle disinfectant. The Gross Room Trays(TM) can also be washed with soap and water and allowed to air dry. Autoclave and caustic sterilization methods are not approved and may damage the trays, as will use of strong organic solvents or other harsh chemicals.
  • How Durable Are The Trays?
    Dense closed cell foam construction is very safe without sharp edges or potential to crack. The trays are very durable able to stand up to the rigors of your busy surgical pathology practice. The Gross Room Trays(TM) are resistant to most aqueous solvents. Brief exposure to xylene does not appear to significantly damage the trays. However, exposure to various organic solvents may damage the tray.
  • Will The Trays Hold All Bottles or Cassettes?
    The tray is designed to accomodate most common "biopsy" size specimen bottles. Standard histologic cassettes (two per specimen) fit comfortably in the appropriate slots.
  • How Heavy Are The Trays?
    Constructed of dense closed-cell foam means that the trays are very light in weight. (Under 4 oz; around 100 g. That is about the weight of 4 standard US postal letters).
  • Are The Trays Resistant to Formalin and Alcohol?
    Under normal use, formalin and alcohols should not harm the trays. We do not recommend organic solvents come in contact with the tray as it may damage the plastic. Brief exposure to xylene does appear to result in significant damage. Stronger solvents or more prolonged exposure may be more likely to harm the tray. The trays should not be subjected to high heat or harsh chemicals, such as used in common sterilization techniques. The trays are not intended to be sterilized by gas or autoclave methods. Exposure to radiation has not been tested.
  • Can I Get A Sample Tray?
    Sorry, but we are unable to provide no-cost samples. This is in order to keep our overall prices as low as possible to help get this important product into the hands of as many laboratories as possible.
  • Can I Get Additional Colors?
    We currently offer six colors. Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Orange and Grey. However, if there is a need for specialized color(s), we are happy to provide those for high volume orders. There may be a slight additional charge and extended delivery time due to the need to special order our raw materials, but we are happy to provide as much customization as possible. Contact us to discuss any special needs you may have.
  • Are There Other Configurations?
    All of the current standard configurations are illustrated in our on-line store area. However, we understand that different laboratories may have different needs. In those cases we invite your laboratory to contact us with your "dream" tray, to discuss it! Other configurations are in the works. Visit our web site often, and be sure to be on our mailing list.
  • Does Anyone Else Have A Similar Product?
    The Safety-Spec Gross Room Tray™ is a patented product. Our product design and utility has not been licensed to any other manufacturer, so imitations are in violation of patent laws. (BTW...if you see something similar...let us know!) Our goal is to provide these trays to laboratories everywhere, in a cost-effective manner, to assist them in improving their standardized procedures and help reduce the potential for laboratory specimen identifiation errors. It's what we are all about...helping promote patient safety through reduction of preventable errors in the pathology laboratory.
  • Can I write on the tray?
    The top of the tray is covered with a printed smooth durable film that helps color code your trays. You CAN use a "grease pencil" to write on the surface, which can be wiped off. prevent damage to the trays, don't use harsh solvents to clean them.
  • Can I get the trays "customized"
    We are happy to work with individual who are looking for custom configurations, colors, etc. However, all custom orders will have a higher minimum order and specialized pricing. Contact us with your request!
  • How can I order?
    There are two ways to order. Call 1.312.772.2988 a live person (yes!) can help you with your order... Order online in our store! There are a couple of things to consider.... ...Based on your the number and type of specimens that are in your grossing queue, be sure to order sufficient number of trays, so that you have enough trays for all specimens. ...Remember that you should use different colors for different specimen types, so factor that into your order quantity.
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