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Reduce Serious Errors

The Gross Room Tray (TM)...Easier and More Effective

Potential for patient identification errors in the gross room is high. The ramification of these errors can't be overestimated.  No one in the lab intends to make an error, however the potential devastation of errors impact many people.  The patient. The Pathologist who is responsible for the report. And the laboratory staff that processed the specimen.  For the patient the impact of the error can mean the difference between success and failure of their treatment.  For Pathologists and their staff, there is also hidden emotional impact resulting in fear, depression, guilt and elevated stress. 

It  is essential that every laboratory have specific protocols and procedures that can help reduce these types of serious errors.


Computerization and on-demand printing alone is not enough.  Multiple high risk gaps in specimen handing that you can't afford to miss remain. To make it easier and more effective, helping to remediate such high risk steps,  the use of the Safety-Spec Gross Room Tray™ can play an integral part to help "enforce" your policies...and improve effectiveness. 

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