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At Safety-Spec, we take pride in helping laboratories provide better care to their patients through improved pre-analytic specimen identification.

At Safety-Spec, we are dedicated to helping reduce mis-diagnosis of patients due to avoidable specimen identification errors. We believe that a laboratory's duty is not to just make the right diagnosis, but to provide it to the correct patient. We help make that happen. 


Potential for patient identification errors in the gross room is high.

It  is essential that every anatomic laboratory have specific protocols and procedures that can help reduce specimen  identification errors. Computerization and on-demand printing alone still leaves multiple high risk gaps in specimen handing that you can't afford to miss. To make it easier and more effective, the use of the Safety-Spec Gross Room Tray™ can play an integral part to help "enforce" your policies...and improve effectiveness. 


Say Hello to a simpler, yet safer Gross Room.

The world of laboratory medicine has changed. Specimen volume and complexity has increased.  Why accept complex solutions that complicate your life when there is an easy, intuitive and effective SIMPLE solution to help you organize pre-grossing specimen handling? 


We created a SIMPLE solution for this all too common problem in the gross room.

Processing and transfer of specimens in the gross room  create high-risk steps which have not been comprehensively addressed....ever


The Safety-Spec Gross Room Tray™ is unique and  essential tool to help reduce patient identification errors, improve efficiency and thereby help reduce gross room staff stress and burnout. 


Gross Room Errors are not just about specimens...they are about PATIENTS.

Each day across the US, it's estimated there are 80 identification errors, based on patient specimen volumes and incidence rates compiled by the College of American Pathologists' Q-Probe studies. This isn't theoretical, this impacts real patients...real people.


100% American Made

  All Gross Room Trays (TM) are...

  • American Designed

  • Fabricated, Produced, & Assembled

  • Packed, Shipped & Delivered

      ...from our American facility

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